Saturday, July 2, 2011

Reduce Excel workbook size

You know very well how to lose weight. If you want to lose your weight you have to workout at Gym, do some yoga & course to lose weight. But no need to get excited, I'm not telling you how to lose weight. I just want to tell you how to reduce size of your excel Workbook.

If your excel file is more than 15-20 Mb, you can't send that through mail. Suppose your workbook size is 24 Mb & you want to send it through mail. But it is not possible to send it through mail. If you want to send it through mail :-

Open your Excel Workbook & Save it As Excel Binary Workbook (through Save As Command [F12]).
You will see that your file size has reduced. It will reduce your file size. It will reduce it 1/4 size of your file or it can be less than 1/4. Make a heavy file. Try it now.

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