Thursday, June 30, 2011

Get your result without formula

All of you know about excel formulae. These are very useful. It performs different things. It can calculate, find your values...etc. I want to tell you that how can you replace the formula into its value (result). It will show it result without any formula. You can say this tips convert excel formula in value.

Here is the process :

Look at the picture. You want to sum these value. Of course, you will put a formula as shown in the picture. As  you put the formula don't press enter or arrow key, Press F9 then press enter or arrow key. This command will replace your formula in its result without any formula.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Universal Tool - Print Screen

Most of people know about Print Screen button in keyboard. It works like a camera. We can use this key to  obtain screen capture. It can be a powerful tool if you know about this great tool.

How you'll do it :-

Press Print Screen Button from your keyboard & paste it (Ctrl+V) wherever you want the screenshot to appear.

Print Screen with Alt

This is different from that it takes screenshot of the currently selected window or dialogue box. It doesn't take entire screenshot. You don't need to crop image. Suppose you want to save a workbook in excel, obviously you will press Ctrl+S. After pressing this key a dialogue box will appear & you want to take only its screenshot not entire worksheet. So you need to do...

Press Alt + Print screen (but first press Alt then Print screen key) then paste it where you want.

Background Image

Everyone wants to make his worksheet better & good looking. Mostly people choose fill colours & make it colourful background & all.. But this is very tedious work. While doing this you think, which colour would be good, this one or that one. You always waste your time to think. I'm going to tell you something different..  :

First use your system pictures for background or download other pics which  you like.

Then click on Page Layout menu -> Background -> Select  you picture -> Insert

Great you've done..!!

(This feature is only for presentation not for printing. You can't make print this background image.)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Great F Commands

The Great F commands are:-

F1 -> Help
(If you need some help)

F2 -> Edit cell content
(For Editing cell content, you know that you can edit a cell content by double click on a cell but you can perform this task with F2 key. This is very cool)

F3 -> Paste name
(If you'v defined name already so you can paste name list)

F4 -> Repeat last action
(F4 is great key. It help us a lot.. Suppose you want to make bold a cell content. Obviously you'll click on Bold from the menu bar or Ctrl+B. Now you want to do same task with other cells. You don't need to press Ctrl + B or something else, you have to just press F4. You can perform many other task with this great key.)

F5 -> Go to Command
(If you want to go a cell like A2, you have to just press F5 and insert address of cell {A2} & you'll be there.. You can perform many other task with this key Go to special like blank cells, Commented cell and so on..)

F6 -> To select menu bar
(But you have to press it more than once)

F7 -> Spelling Check Command
(You check your grammatical errors)

F8 -> Extend a selection
(If you don't want to select cells with shift key you can select cells from this key)

F9 -> Update the selected fields
(If you update you calculation again so you can you this key)

F10-> Show Key Tips
(If you want to select menu bar with your keyboards. First press F10 then press character which is showing on the menu bar)

F11-> Create Chart on Separate Sheet
(Select your data & press F11 it will create a chart on a separate sheet)

F12-> Save as command
(You want to save a document with different name so press F12)