Thursday, June 23, 2011

Great F Commands

The Great F commands are:-

F1 -> Help
(If you need some help)

F2 -> Edit cell content
(For Editing cell content, you know that you can edit a cell content by double click on a cell but you can perform this task with F2 key. This is very cool)

F3 -> Paste name
(If you'v defined name already so you can paste name list)

F4 -> Repeat last action
(F4 is great key. It help us a lot.. Suppose you want to make bold a cell content. Obviously you'll click on Bold from the menu bar or Ctrl+B. Now you want to do same task with other cells. You don't need to press Ctrl + B or something else, you have to just press F4. You can perform many other task with this great key.)

F5 -> Go to Command
(If you want to go a cell like A2, you have to just press F5 and insert address of cell {A2} & you'll be there.. You can perform many other task with this key Go to special like blank cells, Commented cell and so on..)

F6 -> To select menu bar
(But you have to press it more than once)

F7 -> Spelling Check Command
(You check your grammatical errors)

F8 -> Extend a selection
(If you don't want to select cells with shift key you can select cells from this key)

F9 -> Update the selected fields
(If you update you calculation again so you can you this key)

F10-> Show Key Tips
(If you want to select menu bar with your keyboards. First press F10 then press character which is showing on the menu bar)

F11-> Create Chart on Separate Sheet
(Select your data & press F11 it will create a chart on a separate sheet)

F12-> Save as command
(You want to save a document with different name so press F12)

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