Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pictures Comments

All of you well versed with cell Comment in excel. It is very easy to comments on any cell by pressing Shift+F2 (this is sticky notes & we use it as reminder or informer). I know that almost everyone know about this. But do you know.. You can also comment as picture instead of text. You can display a picture in your comments. It is very cool tricks.

Here is you can do it ->

Press Shift + F2 on a cell.

Remove text from the comment.

To select comment box click inside comment box & press Esc button or click on border of comment box.

Then Right Click on border of comment box then Format comment then Colors & line tab ->Fill colour -> Fill Effect -> Picture Tab -> Select Picture & browse you picture from your computer & select then insert & ok..

(If you have have dis-selected comment box/you've moved cursor on any cell or somewhere so you have to click on cell right click then edit comment now you can perform this trick)

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